The 5km Run

5km map

The perfect starting event for anyone new to running looking for a quick weekend activity.

  • From the start line located in Pomingalarna Park, head 350m along the dirt road towards the main entrance gate to Pomingalarna Park.
  • Go through the main gate veering left keeping on the dirt track until it merges on to Bagley Drive.
  • Continue along the right-hand side of Bagley Drive until opposite the Waterworks.
  • Turn right off Bagley Drive down a single dirt track and go through the tunnel under the main highway.
  • Continue out of the tunnel for approximately 100m, turning left into Silvalite Reserve through the turnstile.  
  • Proceed along the single track until you get to a Y intersection.
  • Take the left exit along the single track until you get to the marked sign saying to turn right down the gully (there will be a volunteer at this point).
  • Go through the gully veering right along the single track until two tracks meet proceed straight through.
  • Exit through the turnstile at Silvalite Reserve.
  • Turn right and head towards the tunnel under the highway, then turn left on to Bagley Drive and continue to run on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Continue on to the dirt road heading into Pomingalarna Park, turning right into the main gate and head straight along the dirt road to the finish line.