The MTB Marathon


The MTB marathon course navigates fire and single trail through a variety of bushland.

  • From the start line, follow the outside loop fire road around Pomingalarna Park until you reach the San Isadore entrance gate. 
  • At this gate, turn left then sharply right on to the MTB green loop and follow this winding single track around. 
  • About 1.5 km in you will come out onto a fire road where you turn left and follow it along for about 100m then turn left back onto the green loop. Continue along this single track where you will cross this fire road slightly to the left where the single track continues back to the San Isadore gate. 
  • Turn right then left back onto the fire road and continue along this road keeping right until you get back to the main gate. Turn left along the main dirt road and turn left after 150m onto the inside MTB track. Follow this single track clockwise.
  • Refer to the Wagga MTB 6 Hour Map (at end of this course description) for route to take for the inside course of Pomingalarna.
  • Turn right at end of single track and head 350m along the dirt road towards the main entrance gate to Pomingalarna Park. Go through the main gate veering left on to the dirt road and continue along the right-hand side of Bagley Drive. 
  • Opposite the Waterworks, you will turn right heading down a single dirt track and go through the tunnel under the main highway. You continue out of the tunnel and follow the track for approximately 100m, turning left into Silvalite Reserve through the style. Continue along the single track till you get to a Y intersection and veer left as per markings. 
  • Continue along the single track staying right, going through the tunnel under Red Hill Road. Follow the track till you come to the Y intersection, turn right and head over the steel bridge following the track staying left towards the stairs up Kapooka Bridge. Go up the stairs, turning left at the top of the stairs, go along the path and turn left going down the stairs, continuing to follow the single track around the dam.